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Which Rights are Right?

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Recently, we’ve been exploring the expansion of the audiobook with excerpts from our report, The Global Audiobook Market by Michele Cobb and Michael Desrosiers. When thinking about which titles and rights will work best in audio, it is useful to keep in mind that the increased profitability and sustainability of niche topics creates opportunities for publishing new and different ideas and story lines—or a growth in both common subject areas and in niche topics. Today, we provide some advice on how to maximize your audio rights.  

10/24/2018 | Digital, Export, Market Guides, Rights

The Making of an Audiobook

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Creating good technical audio content is one of the most important pieces of the entire audiobook market. The success of an audiobook very much rests on the quality of the recording and choice of narrator. Almost every platform where someone will purchase an audiobook provides reviews of the audio qualities and narrator qualities. A few bad reviews will almost certainly hinder sales except for the most devout followers of the author or narrator. Michele Cobb and Michael Desrosiers provide expert advice on the various steps involved the process of making an audiobook

10/17/2018 | Digital, Export, Market Guides

An Introduction to The Global Audiobook Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

The audiobook market is an area of publishing that is witnessing unprecedented growth. Discover the opportunities and challenges the global audiobook market presents for exporting Canadian publishers of all sizes and across both languages. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some excerpts from our digital report examining the growth in audiobook production, the making of audiobooks, audio rights, and selling content outside of Canada.

10/02/2018 | Digital, Market Guides, Rights

The Korean Book Market: Opportunities and Recommendations

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

There is a substantial market for imported and translated Canadian books in Korea. Canadian publishers must decide on the appropriate strategy for approaching this market, whether it is to export their books to Korea or license them for publication. The translated market is approximately twice the size of the import market (21 percent versus 9.5 percent, respectively), but with greater potential, there are greater obstacles. In today’s post, we provide a final excerpt from our guide on Selling Canadian Books in Korea: A Guide for Canadian Publishers, in which experts Tony Michell and Darwin Shim outline some specific opportunities and recommendations for making inroads into this market.

11/23/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides, Programs

Rights Sales in the Korean Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Licensing rights to a local publisher is a good option for Canadian publishers looking to make their books available in Korea.

11/21/2017 | Export, Market Guides, Rights

Potential Sales and Distribution Channels for Imported Books in Korea

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Recently, we have been exploring the Korean book market through excerpts of our Selling Canadian Books in Korea market guide. In today’s post, expert authors Tony Michell and Darwin Shim outline this market’s potential sales and distribution channels for imported books.

11/09/2017 | Book Fairs, Digital, Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Tips on Formats, Pricing, and Preferred Reading Devices in the Korean Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Are you a Canadian publisher looking for information on new export markets? Today we continue our series of blog posts on the Korean book market. Excerpted from our market guide Selling Canadian Books in Korea: A Guide for Canadian Publishers by Tony Michell and Darwin Shim, today’s post shares some guidance on formats, pricing, and preferred reading devices in the Korean book market.

11/02/2017 | Distribution, Export, Market Guides

Selling Canadian Books in Korea: An Introduction

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Korea is generally considered to be a difficult market to do business in, as local expertise and familiarity with the market is required. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of our 2017 market guide, Selling Canadian Books in Korea: A Guide for Canadian Publishers (3rd edition), prepared by market experts Tony Michell and Darwin Shim. In today’s post, we focus on this market’s major and medium- and small-size publishers.

10/26/2017 | Export, Market Guides