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Digital Book World 2017: Part 2

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

More recaps of the sessions we attended at Digital Book World. A conversation on how to work effectively with the media and insights into the future of audiobooks. How to Work More Effectively with the Media The room was packed for the panel of book reporters and reviewers, radio and television producers, and bookers from some of the top U.S. national outlets. As discussed in our previous blog post about DBW 2017, there are many new ways to market books. Despite what some may think, the strongholds of traditional media still have clout.

03/02/2017 | Digital, Events, Export, Marketing, News, Rights

Digital Book World 2017

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

In January we attended Digital Book World in New York City. Taking a new direction this year, the programming for DBW 2017 was divided into four tracks conceptualized to deliver something for everyone in the industry. These were: Editorial Acquisitions and Development, Production and Distribution, Marketing and Sales, and Data Analysis and Reporting. Our industry is constantly evolving and publishers and staff across all levels are challenged daily with the evolving needs of our customer base.

02/28/2017 | Digital, Events, Export, Marketing, Rights

Overview of the Mexican Book Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Today we kick off our blog series on the Mexican market. in 2016 we published a new market guide Selling Canadian Books in Mexico, written by Javier Celaya of and René López-Villamar of For the next few weeks we’ll be featuring excerpts from the report and sharing expert advice on the Mexican book market. Let’s begin with an overview of the current publishing climate.

01/24/2017 | Export, Market Guides, Marketing, Rights

Selling Rights in China

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

We’re wrapping up our blog series on the Chinese book market with some advice on selling translation rights in China. Rights sales are a great way of reaching new audiences for your books, whether they be new bestsellers or backlist titles. There’s a reader out there for every book! Robert E. Baensch and Xiaojuan Jiang share their insights on what you need to know to make the most of this opportunity.

01/05/2017 | Export, Market Guides, Rights

Role of Beijing International Book Fair and Other Book Fairs in China

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Regularly attending book fairs is one of the best ways to jump start your business in any international market. Face-to-face meetings with editors, distributors, sales reps, or rights directors can set you miles ahead of the competition, and helps create lasting business relationships. For the fifth installment in our blog series on the Chinese book market, we’re sharing information about the role of the Beijing International Book Fair and other international book events in China which provide an excellent opportunity for networking and establishing business contacts.

12/21/2016 | Book Fairs, Export, Market Guides, Rights

Overview of the Chinese Market

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

China has the largest population in the world and is growing at a rate of 0.45% annually. With 574.2 million users, it also boasts the largest audience of mobile phone users in the world. It has been an important publishing market for many years, but in 2015 it ranked as the world’s second market in publishing, preceded only by the US. It’s important for Canadian publishers to stay up-to-date about the evolving nature of the Chinese book market, and we’re here to help! Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing excerpts from our newly updated market guide Selling Canadian Books and Translation Rights in China written by publishing experts Robert E. Baensch and Xiaojuan Jiang. Let’s kick things off with a brief introduction to the market.

10/31/2016 | Export, Market Guides, Rights

CanLit on the Move: Arnaud Foulon

By: Kristina Brazeau

In our CanLit on the Move series, Livres Canada Books interviews Canadian publishers about their foreign marketing activities and the role of Canadian books in the international marketplace. For this installment, we’ve caught up with Arnaud Foulon from Groupe HMH who talks about the need for support systems to help Canadian publishers break into international markets.

10/25/2016 | Export, Interview, Rights