A History for the Future

Rewriting Memory and Identity in Quebec

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Jocelyn Létourneau (CA)

In A History for the Future Jocelyn Létourneau, a leader of the new wave of Quebec intellectuals, examines the hotly debated topics of history and memory in Quebec and Canada. Rather than focus on the past itself, he considers the challenge of turning the past into a narrative that contributes to building a better society, thereby establishing a liberating legacy for that society’s heirs. As relatively new societies whose memories and histories are built on European foundations, the interrelated narratives of Quebec and Canadian history provide a rich body of material for such a far-reaching reflection. By investigating the role Quebec’s historical narrative plays for contemporary Quebecers, Létourneau shows how interpretations of the past affect a society’s future.

McGill-Queen’s University Press
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07/08/20049780773527249HISTORY / Canada / General
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