A History of Canadian Gardening

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Carol Martin

The story of what gardens and gardening have meant to Canadians over the centuries has, until now, been unavailable in one volume. A History of Canadian Gardening tells that story in words and stunning historical images. Beginning with the extensive cornfields tended by the Huron before the Europeans arrived, it describes more than 400 years of gardening in Canada -- including the adventures of early botanical explorers, the Hudson’s Bay Company’s attempts to grow vegetables in the north, the difficulties faced by pioneer gardeners, the City Beautiful Movement at the turn of the twentieth century, early school gardens and garden clubs, botanical gardens across the country, the back-to-the-land movement of the 1970s, the recent interest in heritage seeds, and the current passion for everything to do with gardens.

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11/15/20009781552781678GARDENING / General
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