A History of the Native People of Canada

Volume III (A.D. 500 - European Contact) Part 1

Author/Illustrator/Editor: James V. Wright

This is Part 1 of the third and final volume of A History of the Native People of Canada, as revealed by archaeological evidence. Over 12,000 years of Native history preceded the arrival of Europeans. Due to a markedly increased body of information Volume III had to be divided into two parts, which appear as separate books. Part 1 treats eastern Canada and the southern Subarctic regions of the Prairie provinces. It examines the association of archaeological sites with the Native peoples recorded in European documents and, in particular, the agricultural revolution (pertaining mainly to the Iroquoian people of the Lower Great Lakes and Upper St. Lawrence River). Cultural developments in other areas of the east and the Canadian Shield essentially retained earlier cultural practices. It is hoped that these volumes will contribute to an appreciation of Native history prior to the devastating events initiated by the European occupation of Canada. It is further hoped that, with the amalgamation of archaeologically based on documentary based human history, the impressive cultural heritage of the original occupants of this land will receive the respect and attention it richly deserves.

Canadian Museum of History
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