A Passion for the Past

Papers in Honour of James F. Pendergast

Editor: James V. Wright, Jean-Luc Pilon

A Passion for the Past presents a collection of 22 articles brought together to celebrate the late Lieutenant-Colonel James F. Pendergast, Hon.D.Sc., who passed away in 200. The book covers a wide range of subject matter, including a number of texts on the St. Lawrence Iroquoians - a subject dear to Jim Pendergast’s archaeological heart. This book consists of regional archaeological syntheses, palaeo-botanical and physical anthropological analyses, theoretical discussions of the nature of archaeological ethnicity and the nature of the protohistoric period, articles dealing with linguistics, numismatics, symbolism and cosmology, Native perspectives on archaeology, collections management issues, biographies, and even an original contribution by a late-nineteenth-century a vocational archaeologist.

Canadian Museum of History
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01/01/20049780660191065SOCIAL SCIENCE / Archaeology
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