A Team Like No Other

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Georgia Graham

“Mush,” shouted Stephen – and they were off.

The wilderness, adventure and the thrill of near disaster – they’re all present in this moving tale of a boy and his dog.
Stephen and his dad enjoy dog sledding in the mountains with their team of eight beautiful huskies. But pleasure almost turns to tragedy when Stephen finds himself alone on the sled as the dogs race toward the cliff’s edge. Disaster seems certain.

But Stephen’s faith in Skoki, his lead dog, is rewarded when she averts disaster with moments to spare. Skoki’s trust in Stephen makes the two of them a team like no other.
A Team Like No Other is a story of love and friendship set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The knowledge that Stephen and Skoki can always count on each other brings depth to this simple story of a boy and his dog.

Red Deer Press
DateISBNBISAC CodeThemaRights available
10/07/20049780889952904JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Dogs
EnglishHardback8 in x 11 inC$18.9532