Aboriginal Spirituality and Biblical Theology

Closer Than You Think

Author/Illustrator/Editor: John W. Friesen (CA)

The dawning of the twenty-first century has witnessed a more global philosophical outlook among North Americans. A healthy curiosity has motivated investigations into wider parameters of philosophical thought, including Aboriginal spirituality. This book not only offers an in-depth look at First Nations’ theology, but parallels its key themes with Old Testament Hebraic thought, which comprises the roots of Christianity.

The first chapters of the book outline the common tribal histories of North American Indians and Old Testament Jews. Key doctrines central to both Aboriginal and Biblical theology are then compared and contrasted in language readily understood by the layman. These include the doctrine of God, anthropology, epistemology, soteriolgoy, deontology and eschatologoy. Parallels in the way spiritual leadership is viewed by Aboriginal Peoples, Hebrews and Christians are drawn, and the final chapter features a special case study of the Stoney Nation.

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