Acqua Sacra

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Keith Henderson

Acqua Sacra moves smoothly between Suzanna Ricci’s urban Montreal and her ancestral town in Italy—an exciting read.

Old World skepticism kicks at New World concerns in Acqua Sacra, Keith Henderson’s brisk new novel about private deception and public corruption. His cast includes an honest architect, a gutsy office clerk, the modern-day witch of a drained lake, and at least one (reformed) dirt-digging lawyer. While Montreal’s underworld seems as full of venomous snakes and mean dogs as the Abruzzo mountains, Roman history, Italian Mafiosi, dutiful Canadians, and migrant African workers collide, headlong and bizarrely comedic. At the centre of the crash, stunned and sheep-like, lies Suzanna Ricci. Henderson delivers an entertaining and perceptive story about the nature of personal responsibility, this time in an age of multinational delinquency.

DC Books
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20169781927599372FIC000000, FIC019000World rights available
EnglishPaperback / softback5 ½ x 8 ½C$21.95236