Across Time and Tundra

The Inuvialuit of the Western Arctic

Author/Illustrator/Editor: David Morrison, Eddie D. Kolausok, Ishmael Alunik

The Western Canadian Arctic is a cold and seemingly barren wilderness. Yet for a thousand years it has been the homeland of a rich and accomplished people who call themselves Inuvialuit, "the real people." Hunters and fishers, their lives were enhanced by great annual hunts of beluga and bowhead whales. All that changed with the arrival of Americanwhalers in the 1890s. Decimated by disease and cultural dislocation, the Inuvialuit have successfully rebounded in the last fifty years, signing a major land claim agreement in 1984. This beautiful book is the definitive, illustrated history of one of North America’s most interesting and least known Native people. Across Time and Tundra features over 120 imates, including many rare archival photos and exquisite works of art. The text includes traditional Inuvialuit stories and elders’ remembrances of life long ago.

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01/01/20039781551926452SOCIAL SCIENCE / Archaeology
EnglishHardback6 in x 9 in65.00230