Amazing Animal Adventures on Islands

Going Wild

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Brian Keating

Brian Keating continues to inspire children and adults alike in his exciting Going Wild series, which is perfect for reluctant readers. The fifth book in the series places readers squarely in Keating’s shoes as he explores some of the most remote islands on Earth and finds out about the amazing adaptations that animals, fish, and birds have made to survive island environments.

In Amazing Animal Adventures on Islands, natural surprises abound as Keating:

  • Tries to keep his hiking boots out of a kaka’s beak on the slopes of a New Zealand mountain
  • Travels deep into the forests of Sarawak, Malaysia, on Borneo to find the elusive orangutan
  • Sleeps on the forest floor of Haida Gwaii to see ancient murrelets call their chicks out to the ocean
  • Sails to the Galapagos Islands in Charles Darwin’s footsteps, into the land of vampire finches and giant tortoises
  • Lives every birdwatcher’s dream in Papua New Guinea, dancing with birds of paradise
  • Dives into the waters of Lake Malawi and swims with the amazing cichlid fish that keep their babies in their mouths
  • Leaps from tree to tree with the indri lemur of Madagascar

“As the zoo’s head of education for 15 years, Keating didn’t just want people to learn more about nature, he wanted them to fall in love with it . . . ‘We need someone like Brian, someone who tells us what is going on out there in the wild places of the world.'”

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