An Action A Day

Keeps Global Capitalism Away

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Mike Hudema (CA)

"An Action A Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away," according to Mike Hudema, describing his action guide for the 21st century. This lively, challenging, and decidedly fun book is designed for activists and concerned citizens who want to change the world. Hudema introduces readers to a variety of issues, including social action, organizing, theatrical action, civil disobedience, and using the media.

The book contains fifty-two tried and tested actions, one for every week. Each action includes a rationale--what you need to pull it off, and examples of where it could be used. From Radical Cheerleading, to Fishing in the Sewers, and Gas Mask Car Shopping, there’s something for everybody.

Between the Lines
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05/05/20049781896357904REFERENCE / Handbooks & Manuals
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