Around and About Marius Barbeau

Modelling Twentieth-Century Culture

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Gordon E. Smith, Lynda Jessup, Andrew Nurse

Marius Barbeau (1883?969) played a vital role in shaping Canadian culture in the twentieth century. Around and About Marius Barbeau: Modelling Twentieth-Century Culture extends discussion about Barbeau beyond the life and work framework by providing critical and interpretive approaches to the different aspects of Barbeau. Rooted in the premise that his cultural work?n anthropology, fine arts, music, film, folklore studies, fiction, historiography?annot be read uni-dimensionally, this book advances the idea that, by merging disciplinary perspectives about Barbeau, evaluations and understandings of the situation around Barbeau can be deepened. The sixteen articles and over eighty illustrations that comprise this book bear this idea out, suggesting that Barbeau? cultural work needs to be considered from a variety of different perspectives, each of which carries with it complex and competing dynamics, as well as a critical and subject context. Together, they present alternative stances from which Barbeau? historical situation and the implications of his work can be reflected upon today.

Lynda Jessup teaches in the Department of Art at Queen? University in Kingston, Ontario. Andrew Nurse is Director of the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Gordon E. Smith is professor of ethnomusicology and Canadian music at Queen? University in Kingston, Ontario.

Contributors: Marielle Aylen, Sandra Dyck, Franois-Marc Gagnon, John Haines, Lynda Jessup, Elaine Keillor, Marie-Thrse Lefebvre, Loren Lerner, Yannick Meunier, Andrew Nurse, Allison Nyce, Frances M. Slaney, Derek G. Smith, Gordon E. Smith, Nicola Spasoff, Jean-Nicolas De Surmont, and Benot Thriault

Canadian Museum of History
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