At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination

A Reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan

Editor: Linda M. Morra, John Moss

At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination collects a dozen re-evaluative essays on Marshall McLuhan and his critical and theoretical legacy; from intellectual adventurer creating a complex architecture of ideas to cultural icon standing in line in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Given McLuhan’s prominent status in many academic disciplines, the contributors reflect a multi-disciplinary background. John Moss and Linda Morra chose the essays from a gathering of McLuhan’s academic devotees. The contribution – from “McLuhan as Medium” and “McLuhan in Space” to “What McLuhan Got Wrong” and “Trouble in the Global Village”– to provide a kaleidoscope of new views.  As Moss writes of the collected essays: “Some are big and some are small, some exegetic and some confessional, some stand as major statements and others are sidelong glances; some resonate with the concerns of public discourse and others are private or privileged or impious and provocative. Each consists of many parts, each a design on its own. They speak to each other…they may have come together as one version of what happened.”

University of Ottawa Press
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