Before and After the I-Bomb

An Artist in the Information Environment

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Tom Sherman

Editor: Peggy Gale

There was a time, not too long ago, when people wrote letters (and mailed them), picked up the phone and spoke to people (not voice mail systems) and considered whether to invest in expensive new "fax" technology as a means of speeding up communication. Children went outside to play games that didn’t require a console and screen, schools bought books, and computers filled entire floors of some offices. In less than twenty years, our homes, schools, cars, workplaces and leisure activities have been revolutionized by the onslaught of technology.Tom Sherman, part artist, part writer and part visionary, got wired early and has spent much of his career leading the way through the aftershocks of the "I-Bomb" and its information revolution.

Banff Centre Press
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