Borrowed Black

A Labrador Fantasy

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Ellen Obed Bryan (CA)

The twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Borrowed Black tells the story of an imaginary creature who lives on the coast of Labrador. He borrows everything from his surroundings -- even the wind fuels his very existence. When his greed spurs him to borrow the moon, which he shatters, the land becomes veiled in darkness. Luckily, local sailors come together, return the wind to the air and the moon to the sky, and show us how courage can overcome greed.

Borrowed Black has been printed in eleven countries, and has been translated into seven languages, including Innu and Innuit. It has also been used in the Labrador school system. Breathtaking, full colour illustrations by Jan Mogensen perfectly complement this classic tale.

Breakwater Books
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05/12/20059780920911143JUVENILE FICTION / Fairy Tales & Folklore / General
EnglishHardback8.75 in x 12.25 inC$19.9532