Canadian Environmental History

Editor: David Freeland Duke (CA)

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, Canadians are becoming more and more curious about the context of environmental action and policy. Canadian Environmental History puts into historical perspective the complex and often reciprocal relationships that develop between human societies and their environment. By studying the interplay between various historical forces – changing ideas, settlement patterns, resource use, political factors, social change, and ecology – this rigorous and provocative new volume aims to introduce students to the complexity of environmental problems.

This book recasts Canadian history in the context of the environment and encourages students to use concepts such as bioregionalism, environmentalism, and ecological theory to better understand patterns of Canadian settlement, resource use, and changing environmental sensibilities. A timely work, this book showcases articles by leading Canadian and international historians such as Colin M. Coates, Ramsay Cooke, Ken Cruikshank, and Donald Worster.

Canadian Scholars’ Press
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