Confession in Moscow

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Michael Johansen (CA)

In the spring of 1990, Mathias Finne tu s himself in at a police station in Moscow to confess to a murder he apparently committed in the last days of the Second World War in Bo holm, Denmark. In an interview with a police inspector, Finne recounts the dramatic events that took place when he was a ten-year-old boy. He tells the tale of a child caught between Nazi collaboration and the underground resistance. The truth becomes complicated as the investigator tu s up surprising evidence from an unlikely source that sheds light on the historical facts. Finne’s confession suddenly becomes a pivotal event in the lives of more than one man.

Breakwater Books
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09/15/20039781550811971FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General
EnglishPaperback / softback6 in x 9 inC$2.00216