Contributions to the Study of the Dorset-Palaeo Eskimos

Editor: Patricia D. Sutherland

Since their existence became known to archaeology during the 1920s, the Dorset Palaeo-Eskimos of Arctic Canada and Greenland have been the subject of considerable research and debate. The papers in this volume address a wide range of issues that are of interest to current scholarship, including assessments of the biological relationships of the Dorset population; the interpretation of succession and discontinuity in Palaeo-Eskimo occupations of various Arctic regions; the problems of constructing local chronological sequences on the basis of stylistic change; questions relating to Dorset technology; the significance of petroglyph sites; and the social correlates of the large stone structures associated with late Dorset occupations. An introductory essay provides historical context for these recent contributions to the understanding of a pre-Inuit Arctic people and their distinctive way of life.

Canadian Museum of History
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