Daily Struggles

The Deepening of Racialization and Feminization of Poverty in Canada

Editor: Maria A. Wallis (CA), Siu-ming Kwok (CA)

Daily Struggles offers a unique, critical perspective on poverty by highlighting gender and race analyses simultaneously. Unlike previously published Canadian books in this field, this book connects human rights, political economy perspectives, and citizenship issues to other areas of social exclusion, such as class, sexuality, and disability.

Masterfully edited and presented ina logical, student-friendly fashion, Daily Struggles opens with theoretical frameworks that examine the racialization processes at work in Canada, with special attention to the consequences relevant to gender. The social construction of “race” and its subsequent devaluation and marginalization has several economic consequences for racialized individuals, especially racialized women. In section two, the economic consequences of race and gender are profiled, while the third section looks at how poverty, race, and gender are criminalized. The text also examines other ways in which racialized people – specifically women – are socially constructed to experience their lives as second-class Canadian citizens. The fourth and final section presents additional consequences of the racialized and gendered nature of poverty – consequences that have a fundamental impact on quality of life.

This new book is ideally suited for a wide variety of sociology, social work, and political science courses in the areas of social inequality and stratification, poverty, social policy and welfare, gender, race and ethnicity, and anti-racism.

Canadian Scholars’ Press
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