Death by Chocolate

What you must know before taking a cruise

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Ross Klein (CA)

The book the cruise industry doesn’t want you to read. A must read for anyone who has taken a cruise, is thinking about a cruise, or who works in the industry. If you are interested in information that is not contained in any guidebook, and the cruise industry would prefer you not have, you must read this book. The chapters include: The Art of Advertising and Marketing You Wouldn’t Believe the Food!! You Can Squeeze Blood from a Tu ip Ship Society Ross A. Klein is academically trained as a sociologist and as a social worker. His previous writing covers a range of topics, including peace and non-violence, child abuse prevention, women and addictions and employability enhancement. He makes his home in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and is a Social Work professor at Memorial University. Information about his other activities and ongoing work may be found at

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