A Novel

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Anne Lazurko

Thrown into the purgatory of a bleak prairie landscape as unfor-giving as her mother, twenty-year-old Newfoundlander Moira Burns is certain she will rise above the locals of Ibsen, Saskatchewan. Until the reasons for her flight west become clear. Until she is befriended by a prostitute and courted by a 'half breed'. Until she becomes the "dollybird" of superstitious Irish Catholic homesteader, Dillan Flaherty. Housekeeper or whore? A dollybird is either or both in the vocabulary of the prairie west in 1906, leaving the community to draw its own conclusions about who and what Moira is and isn't. Determined to find redemption in the midst of their derision and to find joy despite uncertainty, Moira faces impossible choices with conse-quences beyond anything she can imagine. Scattered through with birth, death, and the violent potential of both man and the elements, Dollybird excavates the small mercies which come to mean more than they should on a prairie peopled with characters struggling under a huge sky that waits, not so quietly, for them to fail.

Coteau Books
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201307259781550505634FIC045000World rights available
EnglishPaperback / softback5.71 x 8.22C$19.95256