Author/Illustrator/Editor: Poitras, Marie Hélène

Spring is coming. Men and horses head back to Griffintown, the stables district of Montreal. John gets back in the saddle; others come in hopes of finding their long lost luck. Soon, a man is found dead and the murder threatens the fragile equilibrium of Griffintown. Revenge is inevitable and the hostler’s investigation uncovers murky ploys. A doughty newcomer, Marie, must make a name for herself but who can tell what the lies in store for the summer, which might be the last the district will ever see. Griffintown is a spaghetti western served to current tastes. A tale of the last city cowboys.

Éditions Alto
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201204119782896940028T321002World rights available
FrenchPaperback / softback5 x 8C$22.95216