Horsy Hops

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Anthony Barton (CA)

Horsy Hops is a delightful story for children in pictures and verses. It introduces eight creatures invented by Newfoundlanders to frighten young children into behaving themselves. Among them are the Bullymaroo, the Horsy Hops, the Boobagger, the Angle Dog, the Stalligan, the Oodle Addle, the Beachy Bird and the Oonchook. The clever little girl in the story confronts all these creatures but instead of being afraid she out-smarts them all by means grounded in folklore. Each must be outwitted and befriended on his own terms before being invited to a birthday party to sing the Horsy-hops song. Story and Pictures by Anthony Barton

Breakwater Books
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11/01/20039781550812008JUVENILE FICTION / General
EnglishHardback8.5 in x 10.75 in19.9540