How NASA Learned to Fly in Space

Author/Illustrator/Editor: David M. Harland

Recapturing an era when America’s leading space explorers readily accepted risk and made momentous decisions on the fly, this recollection looks back on the history of NASA. Recognizing that the Apollo missions received the glory they deserved, this study claims that it was the program’s predecessor, the Gemini program, that pushed the envelope and made a trip to the moon feasible. Emphasizing the vital elements of operating in space, this record highlights how the Gemini program taught the precise maneuvering, flawless rendezvous and docking efforts, and exceptional landings that were required from orbital flight to ensure success. Reliving a crucial period in astronautical history, this evocation sheds light on the monumental challenges posed by the ?hard vacuum of space.”</DIV></DIV>

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