I’ll Never Forget My First Car

Stories from Behind the Wheel

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Bill Sherk (CA)

In this hilarious collection of stories, Old Autos columnist Bill Sherk describes in vivid detail the trials and tribulations of those brave souls who, throwing caution to the wind and money down the drain, made the fateful decision that would forever change the course of their lives. They went out and bought their very first cars. And whether it came from the showroom or the scrapyard, your first car was your ticket of admission into the adult world. Gas, oil, repairs, tow trucks, speeding tickets, insurance, and fender benders would take a vacuum cleaner to your bank account, but you didn’t care. You were behind the wheel and on the road.

Dundurn Press
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05/01/20059781550025507HISTORY / Canada / General
EnglishPaperback / softback9 in x 9 inC$24.99184