Juvenile Justice Systems

An International Comparison of Problems and Solutions

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Joseph P. Hornick, Howard N. Snyder, Nicholas Bala

Despite a decrease in overall crime rates, the issues of youth crime and youth violence are a growing political and public policy concern in many countries officials are trying to develop more effective strategies to prevent youth crime, develop new alternatives to traditional juvenile justice systems, and find better methods for handling serious and persistent offenders. Juvenile Justice Systems provides a detailed description and analysis of juvenile justice systems in eight predominantly Englishspeaking jurisdictions with a common legal heritage: the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Experts from each country analyze the political and social context of youth crime in their jurisdiction, describe the rates of youth crime, and identify the policies and innovative approaches that have been successful in their countries. This book will be of special interest to students in criminology, social work, and law; policy-makers at various levels of government; program developers; and professionals, such as lawyers, judges, probation officers, and correctional workers who provide services in the juvenile justice system and are seeking a broader perspective on the issues they are facing.

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