Kinds of Winter

Four Solo Journeys by Dogteam in Canada’s Northwest Territories

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Dave Olesen

“Dave Olesen’s four midwinter dogsled journeys project struck me as a wonderfully sane choice of place and self-exploration, reminding me of how Thoreau walked many days across thickets and swamps exploring his homeplace. But what a vast landscape Dave lives in! And what mindful and sympathetic attention it took to pack and plan for not just himself but a whole team of tough and dedicated dogs. I understand why he did it, but the details of how is an education in itself. The book’s back matter on winter camping, and on the care of dogs, alone is worth it. The relaxed but steady frame of mind in which he packed and travelled is the key. I salute this man and his passion, and his family for giving him space to explore it.” – Gary Snyder

Kinds of Winter is a chronicle of the beauty, the lore, the why, and the dog sled adventure of travelling across the Barren lands. It is written by a master of winter travel by dog team. To anyone who loves the north or who has a curiosity about living in the cold, this is a must read.” – Will Steger

Wilfrid Laurier University Press
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