Losing Control

Canada's Social Conservatives in the Age of Rights

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Tom Warner (CA)

Shedding a bright light on a dark side of Canadian politics, Losing Control critically examines Canada’s social conservative movement and discovers a reactionary, anti-reform insurgency of evangelical Protestants and Roman Catholics. Tom Warner chronicles the religious right?s advocacy on a range of moral issues – from abortion and the regulation of consensual sex to same-sex marriage and moral instruction in the public schools. He finds a movement desperate not to lose control of the state’s moral agenda in an age of Charter rights.

This timely and important book raises truly alarming questions about the close relationship between a resilient, never-say-die social conservative constituency and the political direction of the federal Conservative Party.

Long-time activist Tom Warner has been an advocate and spokesperson on a wide range of issues for queer communities in Canada. He led efforts to secure the inclusion of sexual orientation as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Ontario Human Rights Code, was principal spokesperson for the campaign to secure the legal recognition of same-sex relationships in Ontario laws, and served as Ontario Human Rights Commissioner from 1993 to 1996. He is the author of the widely acclaimed Never Going Back: A History of Queer Activism in Canada.

Between the Lines
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