Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-BQ

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Huguette O’Neil (CA)

The Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-BQ is a true account of a parent-child relationship, beginning with the details of the death of the author’s mother, Belle-Moue, and tracing her history back, chapter by chapter, to her birth some decades earlier. It reads like modern-day fiction, scored with factual information. The theme is universal. Authors from different cultural backgrounds have written about the life and death of a parent: Simone de Beauvoir and Michael Ignatieff, among others, have recounted the mother-to-daughter, mother-to-son legacy. The setting for the book, originally entitled Belle-Moue, is regional: it is the life story of a Quèbècoise, in la belle province, from 1988 back to 1909. The plot includes a distinct dimension ó the veritable influence of religion and government on 20th century French Canada and on women in particular ó a subject about which Huguette OíNeil writes with convincing authority. An award-winning author, she is also a journalist and served as Director of Information for the Quebec Council on the Status of Women. The Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-B-Q was originally published by Triptyque under the title Belle-Moue. The book won both the Prix Gaston-Gouin and the prix Juge-Lemay, and has been translated by Suzanne OíConnor.

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