Mi’Kmaq & Maliseet Cultural and Ancestral Material

Cultural Ancestral Material. National Collections from the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Stephen J. Augustine

This book has been designed to provide images and basic information on Mi’kmaq and Maliseet artifacts held in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Drawing on objects collected, sold or donated between 1841 and the present day, this publication provides a fascinating look at the richness of Mi’kmaq and Maliseet cultural practice, technological ingenuity and artistic expression. This book will undoubtedly prove to be a helpful tool for First Peoples, academic researchers, educators and the general public. Objects such as baskets, canoes, clothing, moccasins and tools are illustrated with a photograph and accompanied by a brief text describing the object and its provenance. The result is a comprehensive reference tool for researchers and educators alike.

Canadian Museum of History
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