More Moments in Time

Images of Exemplary Nursing

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Beth Perry

Within most disciplines, there are those who are recognized by their
colleagues as being exceptionally competent practitioners. These
individuals do their work in such a remarkable way as to become a model
for others. This book is base on a study of the beliefs, actions, and
interactions of a group of extraordinary oncology nurses-the people
their peers would choose to have care for them if they were diagnosed
with cancer.

Perry’s weaving of interviewee’s stories and her own
field notes and poetry creates a very personal perspective on nursing
that leaves the reader with a greater understanding of the experience,
and rewards, of caring for others.

AU Press (Athabasca University)
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08/01/20099781897425510MEDICAL / Nursing / Oncology & Cancer
EnglishPaperback / softback6 in x 9 inC$29.95224