Pink Snow

Homotextual Possibilities in Canadian Fiction

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Terry Goldie

Drawing on recent developments in gay studies and queer theory, Pink Snow: Homotextual Possibilities in Canadian Fiction offers new interpretations that focus on homoerotic resonances in literature. Goldie brings an original, engaging, and sometimes provocative critical perspective to bear on both Canadian classics and less mainstream works. Chapters include:

Wacousta (John Richardson)
As For Me and My House (Sinclair Ross)
Who Has Seen the Wind (W.O. Mitchell)
The Mountain and the Valley (Ernest Buckler)
Beautiful Losers (Leonard Cohen)
Place D’Armes (Scott Symons)
Fifth Business (Robertson Davies)
The Wars (Timothy Findley)
Thy Mother’s Glass (David Watmough)
Funny Boy (Shyam Selvadurai)
Kiss of the Fur Queen (Tomson Highway)

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