Plenty of Harm in God

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Dana Bath (CA)

Plenty of Harm in God is the story of Clare, twenty years old and accidentally pregnant, and her return from her native Newfoundland to Inisheer, Ireland. The goal of the journey is to fulfill a pact made five years earlier with her cousin Gillian, after a bizarre set of circumstances led to the end of the surreal and mystical life of Clare’s young mother Molly.

Clare’s despair, and her belief that her genealogy is poisoned, have convinced her that death is the only answer but her search brings her back to people who believe in the possibilities her life holds.

Plenty of Harm in God is about the decisions we make and those that are made for us, and the power of faith whether it be in God, accident, or the simple possibility of change.

DC Books
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08/16/20019780919688780FICTION / General
EnglishPaperback / softback8 in x 5 inC$17.95216