Pourquoi les femmes préfèrent les chats aux hommes

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Jocelyne Leblanc

What do you like best: your cat purring or a man’s unending replies?

This is a fun little book illustrating the benefits of living a single life with a cat as a companion in comparison to the many stresses of having a relationship. Cats are the perfect companion, as they make us laugh and smile, in addition to lowering our stress level. They love us immediately and they're always happy as long as they're by our side. Home is definitely where the cat is. I really enjoyed writing this book and adding pictures of many cats. And although the main theme of this book is focused on why cats are better than men, I truly have no hard feelings towards men. It's a fun book that will make you laugh and that many women will relate to. A book that men will certainly read secretly.

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