Author/Illustrator/Editor: Marie-Christine Arbour

This book is a psychological thriller, a voyage to the edge of madness and schizophrenia.

Marie-Christine is writing her master’s thesis on Roland Barthes’ semiological analysis of a short story by Balzac. As a result of her research, she finds herself entangled in a web of obscurity with no apparent way out. Overworked, alone, unhappy, anxious, neurotic, and overwhelmed by existential vertigo, Marie-Christine witnesses her own gradual decline. “Madness is the first step to non-being. Fantasy is the only reality. I have become a madwoman trying to make sense of my madness,” she tells herself. She is constantly disturbed by visions and voices. In spite of this, she finds comfort, friendship and understanding among a small group of people on the fringes of society who “have visions of God.” But she will be dragged along with them into a nightmarish scenario: a maelstrom of reality, false appearances, hallucinations, expanded consciousness, mythology and esotericism.

Annika Parance Éditeur
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