Les Maudits, tome 1

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Kabuya, Edith

What really happened the night Vince saved me? I couldn’t tell you. But I do know two things. I didn’t just nearly die, I did die! By bringing me back to life, Vince made me one of the Damned, haunted forever by the netherworld.” —Robin Gordon, 16

A success in French Canada, Résurrection is being launched in France under the Black Moon/Hachette label alongside bestselling series Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, The Caster Chronicles, and many more…

Filled with love, bewitching, secret brotherhoods, blood, golems and treason, this paranormal novel for young adults is considered totally original and its very young author highly talented.

Éditions de Mortagne
DateISBNBISAC CodeThemaRights available
201209119782896621910T321011World rights available excluding Francophone Europe
FrenchPaperback / softback6 x 9C$26.95480