Rosa’s District Six

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Rozena Maart

In Cape Town’s District 6, despite the brutality of apartheid laws, the lives of people go on. In these five connected stories, the central character is a precocious little girl called Rosa. Through her adventures in the neighbourhood we come to meet and know the District and its many colourful inhabitants - Mamma Zila, Auntie Flowers, Mrs Hood and Uncle Peter - and their confusing, enigmatic lives, and all too human quirks. "’No Rosa, No District Six’ is a terrifically ferocious story about a young girls sudden education in the erotic lives of women." - The Globe and Mail"The story [‘No Rosa, No District Six’ is startlingly clear and intimate." -Kingston Whig-Standard"… a writer in our midst with radical style and uncommon courage. The ability to engage the reader passionately in her narrator’s experiences, which she demonstrates … makes Maart a writer to watch." -The Ottawa Citizen

Mawenzi House
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01/01/20049781894770163FICTION / Short Stories
EnglishPaperback / softback5.76 in x 8.73 in18.95240