Sexing the Maple

A Canadian Sourcebook

Editor: Peter Dickinson, Richard Cavell

Sexing the Maple is a unique sourcebook designed to raise issues of nationalism and sexuality in Canada through a rich and diverse selection of fiction, poetry, criticism, and history. Structured so as to provide an interactive study of these issues, the collection considers topics as wide-ranging as First Nations sexuality, censorship, assisted reproduction, and religion.

Literary works by Alice Munro, Jane Rule, Timothy Findley, Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, Lynn Crosbie, Michael Turner, and many others are juxtaposed with criticism and historical documents, many of which were previously out of print or unavailable. Selections include Marshall McLuhan’s 1967 article "The Future of Sex" and excerpts from Stan Persky and John Dixon’s Kiddie Porn, SKY Lee’s Disappearing Moon Cafe, and Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale.

Broadview Press Inc.
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