Skye Bird and the Eagle Feather

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Mary Harelkin Bishop

Skye is beginning a new school year at a shiny new school that doesn’t feel as welcoming as her old school. Her teacher doesn’t understand her and her classmates laugh at her. She wants to dance powwow and start a Culture Club and Drumming Group, but there is no such thing at her new school and her principal won’t even consider it. One night, an old woman comes to Skye in a dream. She’s carrying an eagle feather … and Skye learns what she must do to make things right.

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20179781927570395JUV030090, JUV016180, JUV039060, JUV039120, YAF024040, YAF046010World rights available
EnglishPaperback5.24 x 7.5 in.C$C$13.95160