Strategic Nonviolent Power

The Science of Satyagraha

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Mark A. Mattaini

Strategic Nonviolent Power proposes that the route to what Gandhi described as the “undreamt of and seemingly impossible discoveries” of nonviolent resistance is the application of rigorous science.

Mattaini’s application of ecological science grounded in the science of behaviour brings exceptional power to the struggle for justice and liberation. At a time when civil resistance is actively reshaping global political realities, the science of nonviolent struggle deserves the attention of the scientific, activist, strategic, military, spiritual, and diplomatic communities, as well as the informed public.

“I don’t know of another study that does what this one does―apply a new theoretical framework to nonviolent resistance, synthesize existing material, and provide numerous illuminating examples from history―in a single book.” ― Erica Chenoweth, Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict.

AU Press (Athabasca University)
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