The Canadian Regime

An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Fourth Edition

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Patrick Malcolmson (CA), Richard Myers (CA)

Lucid and readable, The Canadian Regime is a well-established, well-known introduction to Canadian government. By explaining the inner logic of parliamentary government, as well as the underlying rationale for its institutions and processes, the authors demystify what might appear to be a relatively complex political system. Urging readers to consider the organic nature of the political system—in which change in one area inevitably ripples through the rest of the system—the authors provide much more than just a description of the features of government.The fourth edition has been updated to include analysis of the 2008 Canadian federal election. Discussions of responsible government and the role of the Governor General have been revised and expanded. Coalition government, the Single Transferable Vote, and the emergence of the Green Party are explained and new developments in Senate reform and Supreme Court appointments are also covered.

University of Toronto Press
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