The Damned

Les Maudits

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Edith Kabuya

Volume 1 of this best-selling trilogy has just been launched in France under the Black Moon/Hachette label, alongside French adaptations of Twilight and Vampire Diaries.

A series of gruesome murders have taken place in a small Canadian town. Behind barricaded doors, all anyone can talk about is the mysterious “Psycho Killer.”

Despite a locally instated curfew, sixteen-years-old Robin sneaks out to attend heartthrob Zack’s legendary house party. The night quickly turns from the evening of her dreams to a hellish nightmare once she is attacked by a monstrous entity. Agonizing, Robin has a vision: Vince, a childhood friend, has brought her back from the dead. Waking up in the hospital, she is heavily questioned by doctors and the local police, who see her as a miraculous survivor. Only Robin knows the truth: by bringing her back to life, Vince has made her a little less human and a little more Damned.

Vol. 1: Résurection    9782896621910   480 pages   2013

Vol. 2: Illusion           9782896622603   432 pages   2014

Vol. 3: Rédemption    9782896623518   432 pages   2014 

Éditions de Mortagne
DateISBNBISAC CodeThemaRights available
20159782896621910World rights available
FrenchPaperback / softback16 x 23 cmC$26.95480