The Evolving Physiology of Government

Canadian Public Administration in Transition

Editor: O. P. Dwivedi, Byron M. Sheldrick (CA), Tim A. Mau (CA)

Canadian public administration has provided a rich ground for examining the changing nature of the state. Currents of political change have rippled through the administration of the public sector, often producing significant alterations in our understanding of how best to organize and administer public services. This volume brings together some of the leading Canadian and international scholars of public administration to reflect on these changes and their significance. Providing a historical perspective on public administration in Canada, the volume examines the shift from a traditional model of administration to newer forms such as new public management and governance, and explores current debates and the place of Canadian public administration within a broader comparative perspective.

University of Ottawa Press
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06/20/20099780776607061POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Affairs & Administration
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