The Language of Canadian Politics

A Guide to Important Terms and Concepts, 3rd edition

Author/Illustrator/Editor: John McMenemy

The third edition of this indispensable guide to Canadian government and politics builds on the strengths of earlier editions and reflects profound changes over the last few years. Comprising over 500 cross-referenced entries, The Language of Canadian Politics offers brief essays on the many facets of the Canadian political system, including institutions, events, laws, concepts and public policies. Written concisely and explicitly, it is an important resource for people interested in contemporary politics, as well as those interested in the historic context of contemporary political behaviour. For example, the Social Union Framework Agreement, the Canadian Alliance party, the Secession Reference, and the federal Clarity bill, are covered both specifically and in their larger contexts. The book also includes distant events and objects that continue to frame political discourse. This new edition retains the format of earlier editions — entries are listed alphabetically with numerous cross-references which readers can explore for their own particular interests and purposes. Some may be interested in essays that touch on traditional matters such as the country’s federal, parliamentary or party systems; others might focus on policy- making in the legislative and executive branches of government, and the role of the judiciary in constitutional disputes; still others might follow the cross-references through various constitutional accommodations involving the French-speaking minority from the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to the contemporary sovereignty movement in Quebec. Readers not familiar with Canadian government and politics will find the book an invaluable introduction to Canadian government and politics; those who feel they are already familiar with the subject might be surprised as they work their way through the essays to discover how much more they can learn and the many ways they can take advantage of The Language of Canadian Politics.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press
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