The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Roslyn Schwartz (CA)

The irresistible and irrepressible Mole Sisters! After starting out in a new direction, the Mole Sisters find themselves in the middle of a field of wavy wheat. Back and forth, up and down, the Mole Sisters play the time away, going everywhere they can -- including straight to bed at the end of their tiring day. With unfaltering optimism, the Mole Sisters make the most out of each day. They are always ready to laugh and find every opportunity for fun! The sisters continue to make molehills out of all the mountains that stand in their way. Roslyn Schwartz’s colored-pencil artwork is bright and lush, and she conveys the Mole Sisters’ love for life with minimum text that is easy to follow for any toddler or preschooler.

Annick Press
DateISBNBISAC CodeThemaRights available
09/02/20009781550376609JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, etc.
EnglishPaperback / softback6 in x 6 inC$5.9532