The Service State

Rhetoric, Reality and Promise

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Jeffrey Roy, Cosmo Howard, John Langford, Patrice Dutil

In the past ten years, Canadians have witnessed a renaissance in the delivery of government services. New service organizations are cropping up across the country and accomplishing extraordinary things. Efforts are being made to consult citizens on how to improve and integrate services. Considerable resources are being invested in measuring and showcasing performance improvement. This book probes the central dimensions of service reform efforts from a variety of perspectives and answers some pressing questions: How can we make better decisions about service delivery? How should we measure service delivery performance? How should we engage users of government services? How can we create a service culture? How can we use the internet more effectively? Approaching service delivery as not merely technical but inherently political and controversial, the authors look beyond the rhetoric to see what has actually been achieved and what obstacles confront further improvements.

University of Ottawa Press
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09/04/20109780776607436POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Affairs & Administration
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