Thing Feigned or Imagined

A Self-Directed Course in the Craft of Fiction

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Fred Stenson (CA)

"Somebody commissioned to design the perfect writing mentor would probably come back with Fred Stenson. Stenson is wise, funny, and blessedly enthusiastic about the craft of writing. This is a book real writers are going to use, again and again."—Curtis Gillespie, Playing Through and The Progress of an Object in Motion"In Thing Feigned or Imagined, Stenson takes his readers into the workshop of the writer, examining both basic and seldom-considered aspects of the craft of fiction. The result is illuminating: a book that writers of all levels of expertise will cherish."—Merna Summers

Banff Centre Press
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10/16/20029780920159934LANGUAGE ARTS & DISCIPLINES / Composition & Creative Writing
EnglishPaperback / softback6 in x 9 inC$18.95234