"Too Asian?"

Racism, Privilege, and Post-Secondary Education

Editor: Michael C.K. Ma (CA), Davina Bhandar (CA), Jeet Heer (CA), RJ Gilmour (CA)

The now notorious Maclean?s article ?'Too Asian?'? from the magazine?s 2010 campus issue has sparked a national furor about race in Canadian higher education. Since the founding of the federal policy of multiculturalism, Canadians have prided themselves on their ability to integrate diversity into a broader multicultural environment, but the often heated discussions about race point to fissures in this national project. This collection uses the controversy about the Maclean?s article as a flashpoint to interrogate issues about race and representation on Canadian campuses and what it means for students and learning across the country.

Between the Lines
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05/26/20129781926662787SOCIAL SCIENCE / Discrimination & Race Relations
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