We Are Included!

The Métis People of Canada Realize Riel's Vision

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Virginia Lyons Friesen (CA), John W. Friesen (CA)

The Métis people of Canada experienced a coming of age in 2003, when they gained the legal right to be recognized as Aboriginal people by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Legislation notwithstanding, Canada’s Métis people still face struggles on a number of fronts. One primary concern is to achieve a measure of internal unity to present a single front to their Canadian neighbors. Endorsement of their historical uniqueness and cultural contributions by Canadians will also be a worthy challenge.

We Are Included provides historical background necessary to understanding the long struggle of the Métis for legal and cultural recognition. The authors outline the origin, development, and unique features of the Métis lifestyle, trace the life of their leader, Louis Riel, and detail the legitimacy of Métis claims.

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